Idols and idiocy

Miyazawa Sae = Pun Husky

Iris my case

Team K +Shiichan Spirit! 
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omedentou yuuka-chan ^^

nakanaide baby..

She has to become a senbatsu in every AKB’s single. She has a good voice and a good skill in variety shows. :)

just wanna comment on how fast yui runs to her and also her stunning abs that show

captain yokoyama to the rescue

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Bird in “Bird”


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Shinoda Mariko [Instagram: maricollet3] 09.17.2014:

1st pic: “Haruna for 2nd place Congratulations lol #Yesterday’sMealBuddhistPrayer”

2nd pic: “Tournament’s finals💋✨💕#akb48#JankenTournament”

3rd pic: “Since yesterday😜💕 #akb48 #JuriAtsu”

4th pic: “Congratulations Miruki🎀✨#akb48 #JankenTournament”

Acchan’s just attending these things because the alternative is to sit in her  zoo house, pantsless drinking beer and eating takeout. She’s not even making an effort to dress up or slap on makeup.

And of course there’s no Instagram updates from Acchan. Because her instagram feed is for cat pictures and videos.

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My favorite fanfic comes true, I’m so happy.

My favorite fanfic comes true, I’m so happy.


congratulations on 38th single senbatsu selection


- Itoshisa no Defense: The Battle For Senpai’s Affection

  • Ijiri: Who do you think should be getting the solo debut?
  • Paruru: Whoever.

Paruru always looks so uncomfortable in her costumes